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About Chef Suzanne

Suzanne was a graduate of the prestigious Kush Institute where her interest in food, nutrition and health was inspired.  Now for 35 years Suzanne has shared her life's passion and love for healthy, delicious foods.  As a private chef living in California, she cooked for several celebrities and their families. As a culinary instructor for  many years she has inspired thousands of students.  She is the author of the award winning The Passionate Vegetable and  Fresh Food Matters.


Suzanne loves to bring people together with delicious, healthy, and sustainably-sourced cuisine.  Farm-to-Table is her specialty because at the heart of each dish is a deep respect for the planet and each person she serves.


She currently offers catering, private chef services, cooking parties, private and public cooking classes and farmer market tours.


Expansive Career

  • Suzanne has also been a popular culinary adjunct professor for over 35 years from east coast to west and has inspired many people on their road to healthy eating.  She currently offers cooking classes and farmer’s market tours in Bend, OR.


  • As an industry consultant, she helped bring in an expansive natural foods line into Kings Supermarket chain of 24 stores.

  • She was contracted to develop new products for Nabisco Foods, Planters Peanuts, Fantastic Foods and Spice Hunter. 


  • Working for the renowned Issel's Medical Center, she developed the nutrition education program for their cancer patients.


  • For the Integrative Medicine Center of Santa Barbara, she was a respected and loved health educator and dietary coach for program patients. 


  • She was the founder and director of Nature’s Table, a Natural Gourmet Cooking School.


  • An author of numerous published articles featured in newspapers, magazines and radio. She has also been featured in the many newspapers and tv interviews.

Chef Suzanne
Charcuterie Board

Services We Provide...

Private chef Services; Catering Private Dinner Parties; Retreats;  Buffet Weddings; Family Celebrations: Boxed Lunches; Charcuterie Board Appetizers; Business Grand Openings and any time you crave great food!



V. Keyes, White Star Catering

"Suzanne Landry has the wonderful gift of being able to share her passion for healthy food while making it very delicious. She is a pioneer in the field of creating healthy, alternative, tasteful menus to satisfy the pallet of a wide range of clients. Suzanne has maintained her commitment to pure and organic ingredients while providing great food. I encourage everyone to try any and all of her menu options."


Pia Zadora, Actress/Singer

“Suzanne’s warmth and robust sense of humor are a great compliment to her forthright style.  She transformed my kitchen into a cozy and nurturing environment. She possesses an extensive knowledge of gf, df, macrobiotic and vegetarian nutrition with a delicious emphasis on flavor!”  


Ellen Kreidman, Ph.D Author 

“Suzanne never leaves you feeling deprived or unsatisfied. Every meal she prepares is balanced, nutritious and absolutely delicious.  Her meals will change the way you eat and change the way you feel." Ellen Kreidman, Ph.D Author of the N.Y. Times Best-Sellers "Light His Fire and Light her Fire".

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