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Books by
Suzanne Landry

Every meal you prepare is an opportunity to create vibrant health for you and your family.  These books may change the way you cook, eat and think about food forever. Great health is your true wealth!!   

The Passionate Vegetable 


This award winning cookbook is filled with health inspired recipes to revitalize your life for vegetarians and meat lovers too!

More than a cookbook, The Passionate Vegetable reveals the pure simplicity and bountiful flavor of fresh vegetables with recipes that are easy and delicious.  In addition to seasonal and flavorful recipes, you will also find a simple guide to food nutrition, suggestions for healthy vegetarian meals, transition recipes for the meat lover, pantry makeovers, discovering fresh herbs and spices, navigating the carbohydrate maze and 145 tips and time-savers to make cooking fun again!

Testimonial: This is a celebration of globally inspired yet simple, delicious and wholesome foods. The Passionate Vegetable takes you on a culinary journey that will change the way you cook, eat and think about food - forever." Bradly Ogden, restaurateur, chef and winner of the James Beard Award, Chef of the Year and author of award winning books. 

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The Passionate Vegetable Cookbook
Fresh Food Matters Book

Fresh Food Matters


Fresh Food Chef and Educator, Suzanne Landry offers easy steps to health inspired eating. In this book, she makes it fun and easy to return to the simplicity of natural wholesome and delicious foods. Fresh Food Matters is a practical guide for feeding the people you love. 


Fresh Food Matters reveals:

  • Why we crave certain foods that lead to unconscious overeating.

  • How to balance meals to increase your vitality and healthy.

  • Easy tools to help change old negative eating pattern. 

  • Escape the lure of fad diets to sensible and delicious foods.

  • How to make healthy menu choices while dining out.

  • Get essential nutrients whether you're a vegetarian, vegan or meat eater. 


Testimonial: I really appreciate the simplicity at which she approaches dietary changes that can seem otherwise overwhelming. This is a informative book you will turn to again and again."  C. Slezak

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